Leaders-Power Taper

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Pre-looped Tapered Leader for Stronger Turnover

Keep the power where you need it with a long untappered butt section and a short, very aggressive taper down to tippet. Power Tapers are THE leader for fishing Hopper-Copper-Dropper rigs and are turn-over dream leaders for beginning casters. It's no big surprise these are guides' favorites.

Colors Sizes
7.5' 2X 10.7LB
7.5' 3X 8.5LB
7.5' 4X 6.0LB
7.5' 5X 5.0LB
7.5' 6X 3.5LB
9' 1X 13.5LB
9' 2X 10.7LB
9' 3X 8.5LB
9' 4X 6.0LB
9' 5X 5.0LB
9' 6X 3.5LB